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Warp space

The game is very simple and easy to play the player is a space pilot aiming to reach their home planet earth but is set upon by hostile aliens

  • Summary: The player has to avoid aliens AI and obstacles on the board and reach the planet
  • The player can only move one step each turn
  • The portals located on the board teleports both AI and player to random locations

Game Rules

  • Player is the Space ship pawn.
  • AI are Aliens. Obstacles are spiked ball and Portals.
  • The player has to move from the starting green space to the opposite one while avoiding the enemy AI and obstacles.
  • Player can only move one block in any direction using the arrows.
  • The AI can move only one step in any direction unless they are colliding with each other.
  • The collision between player and enemy AI/spiked ball results in defeat.
  • Extra: the portals all across the board teleport both the AI and player to random places on the board.


Warp Space.zip 20 MB

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